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steRoids rage
steRoids rage

Roids rage

Roids rage is a term that refers to a person who has become hostile and aggressive due to the excessive usage of steroids. In media, you may have listened or seen “roids” (that is the short form of the complex violent behavior of steroids users) though the whole picture of such persons are not always true. They are sometimes fabricated and sometimes exaggerated; but even then there is some reality in them.

Normally steroids do not have negative effect on human body at an early stage. They become dangerous only when they are used in abundance and without any guidance. Anabolic steroids are synthetic form of testosterone hormones that are injected in human body as foreign agents. If produced naturally, this hormone has very healthy effect on body but when they are taken artificially, they have many side effects. Even if they have positive effects in the beginning, they become negative at a comparatively later stage.

 Steroids affect limbic system of human body and cause change in mood. Limbic system is a part of our brain that regulates our moods and keeps our temperament cool. The affected limbic system may lead to severe depression, irritability, euphoria, mania and aggressiveness. Roids rage is also due to this reason. Athletes and other players start cycles of steroids only to make their muscles and improve their performance in play ground. When they see the positive change that steroids bring in their performance, they increase the dose of these drugs without any proper guideline. This is where they are wrong.

Steroids are not harmful if taken properly. Their misuse makes them dangerous. There are many players who are known as DON only because of their massive structure and rapid change in moods. Full name of these drugs is Anabolic Androgenic Steroids. Anabolic stands for muscle building while androgenic means enhancement of masculine hormones.

When testosterone hormones enter into the body, they affect the whole system. Acne explodes on the face and back because of these hormones. Testicles shrink as they do not have to produce testosterone anymore. Development of facial hairs, deepening of voice and baldness are very common effects of these hormones supplements. The worst side effect of these steroids is increased moodiness and aggressive attitude. It leads to mental disorder that may ultimately end in suicide as it happens in Taylor Hooton’s case.

Taylor was a baseball player who started taking steroids when he was only fourteen. He committed suicide when he was only seventeen. His relatives still consider steroids the main reason of his suicidal attempt. His parents did not have the idea that their son had been in habit of taking steroids. One day when they found him in very aggressive mood as he stole money for the first time in his life, he threw phone to the wall with anger and he beat a boy on road; they took him to a psychiatrist. His abnormal behavior was very shocking for his parents but before they could think a remedy for their son, he committed suicide and passed away.

Roids rage is very common among the steroids users. Their extra testosterone hormones force them to show their strength in a crowd. This unnecessary rage that does not have grounds to justify itself can be a sign of excessive use of steroids. To avoid it, the most important thing is this that these steroids should always use under the prescription of your doctor for a specific time period. The prolonged usage of these drugs is always risky. Be careful and be healthy. Otherwise the consequences would be irreversible and you will not able to control the damage.  

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