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Key Things to Look for in Hunting Boots
Key Things to Look for in Hunting Boots
How you dress up when going hunting is definitely as important as where you go. And your boots are definitely the most important of all. Before purchasing a pair you should think of the terrain they are needed for. And what type of hunting is it? Will you be stalking or waiting for hours?

The first decision is relatively easy; will it be wellingtons or leather boots? Most people prefer wellingtons for fen and marsh, whereas a good leather boot is preferable for rough and waterless landscapes.

In rocky territory natural leather boots tend to provide support for ankles better. Although you need a robust boot, you will not want it to be so heavy that you are conscious of the weight on your legs. Grip is also something to consider and yet the style of the sole shouldn't mean you're carrying clods of mud around the place.

These boots must be waterproof so if they are leather its down to you to keep them oiled and shined up. Leather has the advantage of being more breathable. They are better for any time where you might be building up warmth when walking some distance or perhaps hunting in warm weather. Boots are now available with antibacterial inners that prevents any odours building up.

Rubber boots are also now available in many styles. Some have inner linings to help keep you warm in winter and make the boot more comfortable. They often come with a separate inner lining which can be taken out and cleaned. To prevent struggling with your boots at the end of a long hunting afternoon rubber boots should be located with wide gussets and full length zip fasteners.

When you purchase outdoors boots you must allow space for wearing thicker socks. So it is best to bring your outdoors socks with you when you purchase your new boots. Buying new boots is not something to be rushed, make sure they are a good fit and comfortable before you decide.

To make sure these precious boots last a long time, take care of them. When you have finished with them for the day, clean all the mud and grime off. Let them air- dry or fill the toes with newspapers to quicken the process but do not warm the boots in any way. Leather needs regular cleaning, drying out and waxing using the appropriate product for leather. Dry leather cracks and lets in water so oiling and Various products for protecting leather can be bought at most good outdoor sports stores.

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