Friday, September 20, 2013

How to remove the ICE virus – Virus removal
How to remove the ICE virus – Virus removal

One of my clients got this FBI virus on their computer and while there were plenty of answers out there on how to get rid of it, none of them did the job for me. The first major problem I had was that I couldn’t boot into safe mode or safe mode with networking, it would just restart the computer. I have seen this type of Virus before and this was not uncommon. (I have actually seen it where the manually disable the F8 screen) What allowed me to fix this was being able to boot into safe mode with command prompt. Now if your not a computer technician, or don’t know what to do with the command prompt prompt stop now and call a local virus removal expert. Ask them to give you a flat rate foo the Virus removal, and be sure to get a guarantee that if they can not remove it they will not charge you. Ok now Continue Reading

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