Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to Use the Grid Method for Drawing

How to Use the Grid Method for Drawing
Some of the people reading this page might have heard about the grid method and others might not have. A concise description of the grid method is that it's basically a technique to help keep your drawing in proportion.

You can take a photo reference a grid on top of it and the grid can help you break a complicated image down into smaller, more manageable parts. Additionally, you will have a grid on top of your drawing paper and then your task will be to just observe precisely what is in every box on your photo reference and copy that into the matching box on your drawing paper.

This may seem a little bit challenging but really the grid method happens to be quite simple. Having a grid of vertical and horizontal lines lets you very easily ensure you are drawing all the things in the proper place. In your photo reference, a line may go from some point of the grid to another, and you would simply copy that on your drawing paper.

Along with getting a few points in which lines within your drawing cross grid lines and simply connecting the dots, the grid method will also help you see different shapes in your photo reference and then transfer these shapes to your drawing. The grid method likewise helps you notice negative space, which is the area that you are not drawing. There are shapes made between your grid lines and spaces you are not drawing that may help you begin to see the lines and shapes that you are drawing.

Hopefully this explanation of using the grid method isn't overly complicated, but it is kind of challenging to describe without some visual aids. Maybe I will return before long and put up a few photos or even a video so I can give you a more comprehensive and simpler to understand description.

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