Sunday, May 25, 2014

Maid-Rite, Always the Best - Maid-Rite Franchise
Maid-Rite, Always the Best - Maid-Rite Franchise
We want you to remember all the ways you should choose Maid-Rite when you are hungry for delicious, wholesome, fresh food. Maybe this will help:

M - Well, “M” stands for meat, of course. Our meat is is consistently top of the line. It begins with the careful selection, inspection and testing of every cut of fresh meat we purchase, followed by processing in a plant that far exceeds government standards for cleanliness and quality assurance.

A – “A” is for attitude. Not only do your servers have that smile that says they are happy to serve you, but the diners’ owners have that can-do spirit that sets them apart from some other franchisees.

I – Everybody knows that ” I” is for irresistible, ’cause that’s what loose meat sandwiches are…irresistible. Why, people love them so much, that Maid-Rite had to make a way to mail them to customers who had grown up with them, but now lived outside the Maid-Rite store location area.

D – “D”, as you can probably guess is delicious. Our loose meat sandwich is certainly the bullseye in the middle of our target, but we have fun-tastic sides, such as : French Fries, Fresh Made Chips, Smashed Potatoes, Smoked Baked Beans, Coleslaw, Country Pot, Maid-Famous Chili, Chef’s Soup, and Chili Cheese Fries.

R – “R” is for rich and creamy shakes. We have all the standard flavors, with way beyond standard tastes, like • Chocolate • Peach • Strawberry • Triple Berry • and Maid-Rite Signature Vanilla Blend.

I - Initiative, that’s what “I” stands for. The initiate it takes to start your own franchise. Those folks who have the energy, drive, creative spirit, the work ethic, and the personality to open that door when opportunity knocks are perfect candidates for being franchisees. With that kind of make-up, Maid-Rite will take it from there and teach you everything you need to know to be a Maid-Rite success.

T – “T” is for the Maid-Rite tenderloin. Center-cut, tenderized pork, seasoned and lightly-breaded pork tenderloin is one of Maid-Rite’s special treats. Juicy, tender and delicious, this just might become your favorite meal choice.

“E” – “E” is everything that makes Maid-Rite the special place that it is. For example, from it’s beginning in 1926, Maid-Rite Diners have made it a priority to offer the best hospitality and service you will find anywhere. The owner-operators of Maid-Rite franchises become well-liked and respected in the communities in which they are located. These franchise owners take pride in running and managing their restaurants. This is the business philosophy that has made and will continue to make Maid-Rite as successful as it is.

Not only their ideas, but their actions, as well, are part of making Maid-Rite the institution it has become today. Maid-Rite, in an effort to assist our honored war veterans, is offering a $10,000 discount to any vet who decides to become a Maid-Rite franchisee. Maid-Rite, a Des Moines, Iowa–based chain, is adding new menu boards from QA Graphics with calorie counts on food served. The boards allow changes to be made instantly in its 65 restaurants with no added costs.

Remember, M-A-I-D-R-I-T-E is the way to go!

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