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The 4 Step Seduction Girls Guide
The 4 Step Seduction Girls Guide
Mystery's M3 pick-up model has everything you have to know about the principles of seducing women. Seduction can in fact be broken down like a scientific experiment. The M3 pick-up model, like the scientific method, is a technique to fix a problem, and what bigger problem is there than how to attract women? However, lots of guys might look at that and be like in high school chemistry: blank stares mixed with a little bit of fear and disgust. For those of you put off by the technical aspect of the M3 model, the following is the simplified version, the step by step pick-up guide for dummies.

The simplified version of seducing women is essentially broken down into 3 steps:

1) Approach

2) Attract

3) Connect

Boiling everything down to 3 steps makes it much easier to learn, memorize, and recognize what stage you are in so you can escalate accordingly. Essentially, it works like this: first you approach the target and get in with an opener so the woman becomes receptive to what you have to say. Then you have to get the woman attracted to you, or at the minimum, interested. After the woman is interested, you have to hook her and reel her in by establishing connection.

The Approach

Approaching a random woman is possibly one of the most daunting things you can do. There is no magic spell to get over this fear. Like any fear, you have to face it and then overcome it. The best method to conquer fear of approaching women and the consequent approach anxiety is to do it over and over and over until you get desensitized to it. Let's get this straight: you WILL crash and burn and get rejected lots of times in the beginning. If this prevents you from approaching women, you ought to give up now and become a monk. However, as you gain painful experience, rejection will get easier to deal with, if not less painful, till the day comes when you hardly get rejected at all. Rules to follow when approaching women:

1) Follow the 3 second rule. Approach her within 3 seconds of spotting her.

2) Never open with a filler or apology like, "I'm sorry but," "Excuse me," "I couldn't help noticing," "I have to tell you," "If you're not too busy." These make you seem unconfident and like a beggar.

3) Never, ever give her a compliment, particularly if she's pretty. You'll just be one of the many boring chumps that month that told her how attractive she is and give her more power.

4) Don't buy her a drink or flowers or whatever else to get her attention. You can't buy her interest. Buying her stuff serves to show her that you're so pathetic, you have to try and buy her interest.

5) Don't come off as too eager, desperate, or nervous. Women are experts in body language and what is more unappealing than a desperate guy eager to do anything she wants ?

The Attract

Once you have successfully approached a woman and she is actually ready and willing to listen to what you have to say, you only have an instant to sell yourself. Consider this stage as the "elevator pitch." You're in an elevator with Warren Buffet and you have until the duration of the elevator ride to pitch him your amazing business idea and get him interested in you. The attraction stage of picking up women is exactly like that. You have a couple minutes to sell yourself and gain her interest before she dismisses you as not having potential.

Women are attracted to your perceived value, and to get her interest, your perceived value has to equal or surpass her own value. There are two methods to do this. You can either raise your value or you can lower her value. Raising your value is done through a pick-up artist technique called demonstrate high value (DHV) and lowering her value is done through the pick-up technique called negging.

1) DHV (Demonstrating High Value)

Demonstrating high value means that you are doing something or showing her that you are deserving of her attraction and interest and can supply her with something of value. She has to feel that you add value to her so is worth her time. This is done through pick-up artist gimmicks, tricks, routines, or just exhibiting a sense of value like the rich, powerful guys naturally do.

2) Negging

Negging is a kind of playful antithesis to the compliment. The goal is to tease her playfully so that her value goes down a little bit. A neg should never come off as an insult but more of a tease to prompt a response from the woman. Attractive women particularly have such high value that unless you can pull off an exceptionally high value to meet hers, it is best to lower her value a little by negging her. Some effective negs are:

"You like shopping for clothes at Walmart, don't you ?"
"Isn't that purse last year's model?"
"I like your hairstyle, very 80's."
"You shouldn't be drinking any more beer, you're already not making sense."
"I know a very inexpensive gym you might like."
"You're like a little sister, cute but irritating."

The Connect

Making a connection is the longest and most pleasurable phase in a successful pick up. When you've established mutual attraction and the difficult part's over, it's just a matter of learning more about each other. You just chat, enjoy each others' company, and make emotional and physical connections. This is the stage where you also escalate your kino (physical contact). Making a connection is mostly done through having a deep conversation and establishing similar threads. You can talk about your vulnerabilities and childhood experiences here as well to really establish a deep connection.

You can read about and try out the gimmicks and routines to establish emotional connections with a woman, but nothing works better than having an authentic conversation and getting to know each other through the things you have in common.

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