Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Discovering The Very best Neck Traction At Home Devices
Discovering The Very best Neck Traction At Home Devices
Accidents happen and injuries to your neck are unfortunately common. One of the most common neck issues is whiplash which is a result of a car accident and considering how many car accidents happen every day on American roads, it is now wonder that people require physical therapy or other options to deal with neck problems.

Also neck traction at home devices often offer reduction in pain and can treat neck pain simply and easily in the comfort of your own four walls. Cervical traction devices for the home are often pulley systems that you can attach to a doorway. Some devices require you to lie down while using them. It is always a good idea to see your physical therapist or your doctor beforehand and discuss the traction devices. This way they can help you choose the right one for your particular condition.

There are many neck traction at home devices to choose from. Some are like large collars to put around your neck. One such device, Cervical Neck Traction from Best Trust is similar to those horseshoe shaped collars you see people use on airplanes. This device looks as though there are three of them stacked on top of each other. They have a squeezable bag which puts air into them. When you use this soft but firm device, the air pressure makes the whole thing very comfortable as it is made to keep to the natural curve of your neck and its natural alignment. It is easy to use and helps with pain relief too. It was designed to treat as well as prevent cervical vertebral disease. Because of the air pumped into the device, Neck Traction allows your muscles to relax at a deep level therefore relieving neck tension and stress, muscle spasms and pressure in the neck and shoulder area. People can usually feel results within minutes.

You can also purchase an OTC Over the door Cervical Traction Kit. This comprises of a sturdy metal bracket which can be attached to any door. The weight bag is simply filled with water (tap water will do) for weight and it can be calibrated from 2 to 20 lbs. It will help relieve pressure on various places, including muscles, nerve tissues. It is easy to setup and the kit includes a head halter (for your head), a metal spreader bar, a door bracket, door hanger with two pulleys. Rope for the pulleys and a weight bag for the water are also included.

While both these devices provide traction and are very reasonable in price (from $10 to $25 on Amazon) it would be a mistake to simply buy them and use them without professional advice. Check in with either your doctor, physical therapist or your chiropractor to see if they are OK with you using any of the neck traction at home devices on the market. These are experts about neck injuries and conditions and its treatment, so it pays off to listen to them.

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