Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hellcats Season 1 Come Out On DVD

Hellcats Season 1 Come Out On DVD

Hellcats Season 1 Come Out On DVD

Ghost Whisperer centers around the life of Melinda Gordon, played by the stunning Jennifer Love Hewitt, who has the ability to see spirits. She works as a paranormal investigator to help the ghosts that contact her complete their unfulfilled missions. Each episode has Melinda solve the mystery surrounding a ghost's present and help her cross to the afterlife. Each season also features an overarching story about how Melinda deals with her powers while trying to live a normal life. She also meets other people who show differing views about her abilities, some supporting her, while others shun her.

One-Season wonders are shows that barely made it a season without getting canceled. Or sometimes they are canceled after just a few short episodes. Usually, when shows get canceled there's an underlying reason- but a surprising number of shows are getting canceled for low ratings, even if it is not the Tv show's fault. For example, there are a number of reasons a show can be getting low ratings, even if the show itself isand enjoyed by viewers. These reasons can range from poor marketing to ineffective time slots for the show, decisions that are made by the network that airs the show.

Season Two also saw the recurring appearance of Schmidt’s old girlfriend Elizabeth, played by Merritt Wever, who won the Emmy this year for her role in Nurse Jackie Some of her scenes with Schmidt in New Girl’s Season Two are hysterical, and when Schmidt must choose between Cece (Hannah Simone) and Elizabeth in Season Three you really feel sorry for Schmidt’s character. Schmidt deals with his break-up with Cece, and Cece’s engagement leading to her wedding in the season finale. It’s the supporting cast–not just the Jess story line that was really highlighted in the series’ second year.Drama TV Series On DVD

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