Friday, September 19, 2014

Talking to Franchise Representatives
Talking to Franchise Representatives
After submitting an application to a franchise, you will receive a call or email from a franchise representative from the company you are seeking to work alongside. This does not mean you have been accepted to become a franchisee, but it works much like an interview. It’s to ensure you’re aware of the tasks needed to proceed while they decide if you’re a good fit for the company and to discuss your qualifications. It also allows you to speak to someone directly involved with the company to helps you decide if you wish to pursue the opportunity any further.

There are a few things you should ask the franchise representative in the discussion (email or phone calls). Regardless of contact method, it doesn’t hurt to ask for additional contact information for follow up questions or assistance.

Ask about how long the representative has worked within the company, and even how long they’ve been in their current position.
How long has the franchise company been operating? How long has it offered franchising?
How many locations and franchisees are there throughout the company?
What traits and abilities is the company looking for in franchisee candidates?
What is the start-up cost and initial investment rates? Are there financing options? Discounts for veterans or other areas of expertise or experience?
Where is the company looking to expand? Is there territory available in the area of question? If not, is there a chance of expansion in that direction in the future? (Like how Maid-Rite is slowly expanding coast-to-coast).
How long is the process of application, education, etc? How long will it take from this point until the opening day of the franchise?
What is the success to failure ratio or rate of failure? These numbers may be exact results from the past or expected approximations.
In which ways will the company be changing throughout the life of the franchisee? New products expected soon? New services in the future?
More of a note than a question; any partners the franchisee will have (co-owners, spouses, etc) should be present at this conversation if possible, and most calls will last roughly one hour.

Before even applying for the chance to franchise, check out any information the company has about franchise support, education systems, operating guides, and become as familiar as possible with the product or service to show your dedication to the franchise representative. Never be afraid to ask questions but avoid keeping the representative on the phone for hours, many questions can be answered through other departments or with e-mails at the reps leisure.

Maid-Rite franchises are a fantastic way to start the rest of your life in the restaurant business. Contact us today to ask how to make the rest of your career enjoyable, fun, and profitable with a support system which only wants you to succeed!

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