Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The #1 Secret To Attracting Women - What Powerful Men Know That You Don't
The #1 Secret To Attracting Women - What Powerful Men Know That You Don't
You just really need to understand one point if you understand absolutely nothing pertaining to women or just how to pick up and seduce women. You just should understand THE one biggest secret to attracting women that all successful guys typically have and losers do not.

- James Bond has it
- Movie and sports stars have it
- Rich guys have it
- Guy that understand just how to attract women have it
- YOU could even have it

What is this magic secret that can transform you from zero to hero like a Hogwarts spell? Vodka? Meditation ? Pheromones extracted from the Tasmanian devil? It is something called CONFIDENCE.


If you examine successful or wealthy guys, they have a particular ambiance, a particular authority, a particular swagger, a certain confidence. They ooze confidence in their gestures, their voice tonalities, and the way they socialize with women. Successful guys have an innate high sense of value and are not afraid of women or being rejected simply because of the experiences and successes that got them their high level of natural confidence.


Aside from puppy love and adolescent crushes, what attracts a woman to a guy is not his appearances, money, success, charm, or his excellent conversational abilities. Intuitively, what attracts a woman to a guy is his value. While for guys, a woman's value in the beginning is just simply how hot she looks, for a woman, it's a lot more complicated on an instinctive level. A woman, particularly a pretty woman, has a precise sense of her inherent value. She understands precisely what she is worth and what level of a guy she has the ability to attract. Typically, the higher the woman considers herself, the greater the level of guys she is going to attempt to attract.

This principle of the way the woman considers herself is her perceived value. What she considers a guy is her perceived value of that guy. A woman will be attracted to a guy ONLY if her perceived value of him is above her own value. There is a well-known myth saying that a woman, at the time of meeting a guy, instantaneously judges whether she will sleep with him or not. While this is only partially accurate IMO, the woman IS GOING TO determine unconsciously if your value is greater that hers or not, thereby being attracted to you.


The principle of perceived value suggests that you have to show the woman that your value is above hers. This is called "demonstrating your value" in pickup artist parlance. Before you have an opportunity to demonstrate your value, you initially have to approach the woman and get in the door and actually have her interested in what you have to say. The moment you go up to a woman, the only basis of judgement of your value will be your level of confidence.

The greater your confidence, the greater your perceived value will be. With greater perceived value, you could attract the hotter women. Now the only concern is if you're not wealthy, successful, powerful, or Bond, just how precisely do you radiate confidence that women find so appealing?

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