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The Secret Psychology To Seducing Women: Describe Her Feelings

The Secret Psychology To Seducing Women: Describe Her Feelings
Seduction is the art of making a woman to feel great so that she will connect these favorable emotions and feelings with you. This is why when we flirt with a woman, we compliment her, try to make her smile, and try our best to act intrigued by whatever she says.

The trick to seducing women then is to have her thinking intimate thoughts and connecting these positive feelings with you. An effective method to do this efficiently is by describing her feelings and emotions to her.

To start with, the psychology behind this method

Everybody have come across circumstances where a close friend described a disgusting or uncomfortable incident. The more we listen, the clearer the image of the incident forms in your mind.

In many cases, a detailed description will lead you to feel nearly the exact same feelings the other person felt when the experience happened. You might possibly start to feel anxious, uneasy, or revolted, depending upon what experience is being described.

Do you remember when your pal described barfing outside of a bar in gory, vivid detail while you were eating a burrito? Your burrito most likely started resembling puke and started to taste really unappetizing. You end up telling him to shut up or give up on your burrito. This is due to an easy principle: that to describe a feeling to a person makes them experience that feeling.

To be the Don Juan of seducing women, benefit from this principle.

If you want to seduce women, you need to describe the feelings you want her to have in rich and intimate detail. If you want to get her to a specific frame of mind, describe these feelings to her.

If you want her to have feelings of attraction, romance, and love, just describe these feelings to her in all its glorious detail. And as you describe these feelings, she'll inevitably start to have them.

The principle is simple: when someone describes something to you, you need to picture it and draw it within your mind to understand what that person is speaking about.

If somebody tells you, "DON"T THINK OF A PINK, FLYING ELEPHANT!" The first thing that goes through your brain is a chubby pink elephant with baby wings, is it not ?

If you are dead and can not think of a pink, flying elephant, you definitely will not understand what the person is saying.

The exact same thing occurs when you describe feelings of love to a woman. Regardless of how she feels about you, if you talk about romance and all the good feelings connected with it, she must feel that feeling to even understand what your are saying.

Seducing women by describing her feelings: Case study one

You step into a cafe and see a beautiful lady behind the register.

You say: "Hey coffee goddess, you must feel so special with all these people coming to worship your coffee. You must feel really good providing your adorers this wonderful honey of the gods!

What this will do: As you describe feelings of specialness to her, she has to think of these feelings of specialness and actually feel it to understand what you are talking about. And what you are talking about is centered around feel-good emotions and compliments that lead her to see you as a source of positive reinforcement.

So as she hears your words and feels special while looking at you, she will start to associate those special feelings with your visits to her cafe and ultimately, to you. This is the sophisticated pick-up artist method called: "Anchoring."

Drawing inspiration from poets and casanovas.

If you happen to stumble upon and read any romantic poetry, you'll see that it's nothing more than descriptions of romantic, loving feelings. Romance books are the same. They are just an extensive description of romantic feelings.

Why do women like these things? It is due to the fact that the magic words embedded in its pages make the woman feel those special feelings of love.

Moreover, why do you think poets are wizards of seduction? It is because they are masters of making use of their words to produce feelings of love, romance, and arousal.

So if you also want to be a professional at seducing women, you have to put on your chest-exposing Don Juan shirt and discover ways to use romantic words to summon romantic feelings inside her.

So pick up a poetry book, or that dirty romance novel with Fabio on the cover, and find out how the professionals of seduction use the secret magic of feeling-invoking words to seduce women.

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