Sunday, September 7, 2014

Your Sticky Door Is Costing You Money
Your Sticky Door Is Costing You Money
We all know that in order to keep our energy bills down, our home needs to be well insulated. Most of us consider double-glazing and roof insulation, yet very few realize the role of the entrance door. It's usually considered time to repair the entrance door when it suffers damage, or it has become irreparably worn. However, repairing the entrance door to your home can have a significant benefit on your heating bill.

How do you know whether or not switching out your door will increase your home's energy efficiency? There are a few signs that will indicate whether or not your door should be replaced. If you find you are struggling to close the door, and you have to bang it, or lift it, or push it hard in order to close it easily, it means that there are gaps in the surrounding frame that will be letting air and moisture into your house. If this arises only during damp or humid weather, it means that during dry weather, when you are able to close the door easily, it is in fact not sealing properly, and again, air and moisture are being allowed into the building.

If you put your hand on the interior of your front door, and you are able to feel the temperature of the exterior, on the inside of door, it most probably has insufficient insulation. It means that you are using (and paying for) greater energy to heat or air condition your house, than you need to. Another sign you need to replace your front door is signs of rotting or warping on a wooden door, or rust and dings on a steel door.

In the case of one of these signs, it is advisable to not only replace your front door, but to switch it with an even more energy-efficient, more quality door. Solid fiberglass doors are much more durable and weather-resistant than wood or steel doors. They are also up to four times more energy efficient than solid wood doors. Therma-Tru ® use a dense polyurethane foam in the core of their fiberglass doors, which produces a much higher thermal performance value.

In addition to their energy efficiency and durability, Therma-Tru ®'s fiberglass doors are also available with a variety of decorative glass, without sacrificing your energy bill. Their triple-pane construction ensures a strong acoustical and thermal barrier, which they also give an option for clear glass while still maintaining high levels of energy efficiency.

The company's innovative factory-coated Low-E glass works out in both hot and cold weather. In hot weather, the glass reflects the sun's rays away from the door, keeping the home cool, while in winter, the glass reflects the heat back into the home.

In addition to exceptional energy efficiency, the multi-point locking systems fitted into Therma-Tru ®'s fiberglass doors are designed to engage a series of locks in several different places on the door frame. This, along with the adjustable security strike plate which is three times as powerful as a standard strike plate, develop complete security and peace of mind for the homeowner.

It is always best to have your door switched before the extreme weather of summer or winter hit, where possible. You don't want to have to wait for your new door, and when it comes to strengthening energy efficiency, of course, it is best to make the change as soon as possible to make the most out of it.

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