Friday, October 10, 2014

How Telemarketing Could Save Your Life
How Telemarketing Could Save Your Life
Picture a middle aged man, stuck at his work place and wrestling with yet another pile of invoices. Picture that same man sweating as he tries to run out for a coffee, answer the phone and deal with his indigestion while eating a sandwich too fast in between phone calls.

Watch that poor stressed out man drive home at 8pm, still worrying about paying bills and getting staff, all while wondering how he can move the business on to the next stage without staff. There he stands in his overcoat in a daze of confusion while his wife shouts out that his dinner is ruined and why doesn't he ever phone to say he will be late.

Imagine him having to deal with marital problems all while trying to set up a small business. Probably he had left the security of his paid employment just to have a few years without someone shouting orders at him. Probably he had been looking forward to being his own boss for a few years. He probably has a slight pain in his chest about now.

As the problems rise around him he might feel like he's drowning in debt and anxiety. Even if he did originally have a business plan, it has gone to the dogs as his mind becomes too full of worry to work clearly, or for him to work methodically. Networking is a thing of the past because he always drank too much out of desperation to meet new contacts. Advertising is now financially beyond him and those little pains are quite sharp now.

At the end of another long month of no new contacts and no new business, the few clients he has start to dribble away as he becomes short tempered on the phone and incompetent in delivering his part of any business deal. Soon he is trying to avoid collectors and his family. The office and his desk hold him as if he is entombed. But there is one thing he can't avoid and that is eviction if he cannot pay the rent. About now a sharp band of pain squeezes his chest and shoots up his arm. They find him with a phone dangling in his hand and a voice from the emergency telephone operators asking if he is all right.

This was all so avoidable if he had found the right help with his business from the beginning. Every business needs clients and he had been unable to find them as he was trying to complete all the other roles in his business as well. It is impossible to be the sales team as well as the accountant, postman, invoice clerk and the rest.

The easiest way to avoid this is to employ a tele-sales team from the beginning. They are cheaper than having full time employees but will still work to your specifications. They can undertake all the cold calling, all the chatting up of new customers for you.

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